Who are we?

Team Student Support!

Student Support have a broad reach regarding the level of guidance they can offer. Some of the areas include: Finance Issues, Registering with a G.P, Wellbeing and Welfare, Mental Health Support, Ear Acupuncture and Mindfulness and Disability and Inclusivity.

We have spaces available for you to speak to councillors in private but also offer group sessions around wellbeing and mindfulness, we always encourage our students to reach out and access this support whenever needed, we are here to help.

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Meet the Staff

The faces behind the names

Photo of Lisa Lewy

Lisa Lewy
Head of Student Support

Photo of Ethan Pennell

Ethan Pennell
Student Welfare Wellbeing Advisor

Photo of Emily Smith

Emily Smith
Student Welfare Advisor

photo of Micheala Woods

Micheala Woods
Student Welfare Disability Advisor

Photo of Steve Saxby

Steve Saxby
Mental Health Advisor

Photo of Eleonora Shishmanova

Eleonora Shishmanova
Student Welfare Disability Advisor

Photo of Susanna Wain

Susanna Wain
Student Welfare Advisor

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