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The Learning Lab and Student Support are teams of specialists , all from different backgrounds and departments around the College.

Our aim is to support you from day one, through till graduation, with a range of activities designed to enrich, inspire and empower.

The learning Lab covers four main areas, each with its own dedicated team, these areas are Student Support, The Library, Academic Skills and Careers.

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Teaching, learning & Enhancement

This is Dr Mark J.P. Kerrigan, he is the Dean of Learning & Teaching at the College and is part of our Senior Leadership Team. As part of his role, Mark is responsible for the Learning Lab and the departments that sit within.

Mark's work focuses on educational strategy, policy and practice and he works in partnership with staff to ensure a rich curriculum which affords our students a positive and impactful Higher Education experience. Mark is a National and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Photo of Dr Mark J.P Kerrigan

Enrichment Activity and Community Building

Jack Viant is your Student Experience and Retention officer, his job is to act as a middle man between student and staff, creating opportunities for collaboration and community building throughout the college.

Jack heads up extra curricular activities such as the Workshop Wednesday program and the Enrichment Week Initiative.

These activities offer students a chance to explore new ways of learning and understand a variety of different techniques from multiple disciplines. From learning to pattern cut, through to understanding 3D modelling software, there's something for everyone!

As a student, you'll get regular communication from Jack, usually advertising events, opportunities or with key updates around the college.

Jack is also a practising illustrator and alumni of the College. Check out this video of him speaking with Academic lecturers about digital sketchbooks, a session that was run during our Online induction week.

Some workshops and weekly menu examples below.

Photo of Jack Viant
Photo of lino cut leaf designPhoto of computer room and technical demonstrator photo of students being shown sandblasting stationPhoto of teacher instructing students around a computer screenclose of photo of a laser cut stampclose up photo of a sandblasted glassphoto of students being shown how to use an exposure unitphoto of screen printed patternphoto of teacher showing students how to use a heat press
photo of workshop poster photo of workshop poster - Photoshopphoto of workshop poster - open support forumphoto of workshop poster - keyshot basicsphoto of workshop poster - how to make macramé plant hangersphoto of workshop poster - how to visualise a patternphoto of workshop poster - lighting, photography and presenting your workphoto of workshop poster - still life drawingphoto of workshop poster - glass engraving using a hand-held engraverphoto of workshop poster - constructing a simple beret

Learning Technologies

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Photo of Adam Levi

Adam Levi is our resident Learning Technologist.

Technical literacy is a large part of our work within the Learning Lab and we want students to feel confident when using the various software, hardware and applications around the college.

Adam is available to help students on a one to one or group basis and has a range of knowledge around technology within education, his goal is to support and inspire the technical components of your degree.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have had to innovate and reimagine how we deliver some of our resources and Adam has been key in making that happen. Check out one of his sessions using Google Apps for Education

Smart Citizens Newsletter

Photo of Smart Citizens Programme

Smart Citizens is opening Fab Lab Plymouth to communities. The programme offers workshops to design and make almost anything, tech & sustainability talks, community meet-ups, and training in digital design and fabrication.

Citizens Lab | Engagement Programme | Sustainable Design Initiative

All the activities are free and open to all! Here is the link to sign up to their newsletter!

#5 reasons to get involved;

- learn how to design objects, products, artwork in 2D/3D

- learn how to make your own objects using high tech digital fabrication machines such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutters & Milling Machines

- understand how to design & make things in a more sustainable way

- access Fab Lab Plymouth facilities and equipment

- be part of a community of local makers